25-60%  lower than the dentist's fee guide.

Dental insurance is accepted

All seniors receive a 10 % discount 


I offer customized care in an alternative environment.....no smells or sounds of the dental office and no assembly line!

Try my massage chair, hot cloths, or paraffin wax treatment while enjoying personal flat screen entertainment 




Check out some of the questions that people have about Independent Dental Hygiene Services.  If your question is not answered here feel free to contact me personally and I would be more than happy to help.

Five years ago I combined my interest in sports with my profession and started a small business called Marnie's Mouthguards. The goal was  to provide convenient and affordable custom mouthguards to local athletes with on-site clinics for various organizations.

My Services

- Teeth Cleaning (scaling)

- Teeth Polishing (stain removal)

- Oral Health Assessments
- Fluoride Treatments
- Sealants
- Custom Proform Mouthguards
- Teeth Whitening
- and more......

independent dental hygiene

Located in Lindsay, you will find the newest concept in dentistry....an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic!

In 2007 the Ministry of Health of Ontario passed Bill 171 which permits dental hygienists to treat patients without supervision of a dentist.  This move modernized the profession of dental hygiene, bringing it into the ranks with denture therapists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and nurse practitioners.


Dental Hygienists have been trusted by dentists for years to quarterback all preventive dental care for their clients and assist with treatment planning. Independent Dental Hygienists have the education, training, and experience to treat and assist the public with all of their preventive dental care needs..  Practicing on their own, they provide the public options to choose the provider and venue they are comfortable with while saving them money, thus increasing access to quality dental care.